Crystal & The Wig

We did a fashion shoot in the studio at Exceptional Light, with the beautiful Crystal modeling for us. I’ve seen Crystal going to work in our building, and every time I noticed her I thought about what an interesting being she is. She seemed to dress in a 1960’s style. Once I asked her about it, and to my surprise she said something about being born in the wrong decade. So, of course, I had to invite her into the studio. I was happy to set up this session in the studio with several backdrops and lighting setups. 


The background of this mirror setup was a hand-painted canvas background, a hand-held mirror, a four foot soft box to Crystal’s left, and a very large reflector to her right.

Crystal in the Mirror


Once again Gabby did makeup. She is the Michelangelo of makeup. For more about Gabby, see this post. We did several looks, including gold face glitter and gold leaf lips. Posing Crystal in front of a canvas that was hand-painted one summer day in my driveway, we got this lovely and sexy image.

Crystal Rocking a Contemporary “Twiggy” Look


Olivia did hair. Olivia brought her indomitable spirit, which never flagged, even though the session went from 3PM to after 10!


Crystal Wearing Afro Wig


And here is an image of the last look Olivia and Gabby gave Crystal — no wig this time and a little breeze from the wind machine.