The Colossus of Hostas

that October drowned by the sounds of rain I worried were the preternatural hum of global warming time unmoored and drifted as revered as air in a history museum while across the backyard Fall dis-inhabited the world dissolved in water ever rapping on the knapped roof billowing over the swamped yard swirling to the surface of flower pots flowing over following the street beading into glass on the laurel bending down the leafed quince digging enemy-like in stricken roots creating a map of startlingly green Antean hostas that by now should have been shedding copper and gold
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This is a poem about the impact of climate change, and how climate change causes the end of Fall. During October of 2010s, the rain fell endlessly across the backyard, day after day, causing large moving puddles, great tantrums of water running through the streets, soaking the ground. I pondered the notion that the rain was brought about by climate change, imposes climate change on existence, and in due course the rain upsets the normal pattern of behavior of the natural world. In the end, the impact is so much that the natural world reacts by continuing to stay green, entering a new uncharted period wherein leaves do not turn color and drop.