David Perelman-Hall

I live in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, have two grown children and am still with wife number 1. I enjoy nature and capturing the natural world. I also dig studio work, playing with and controlling lighting, personal portrait work, and shooting the artificial world. In any photographic pursuit, I have little to no interest in the purely documentary. I prefer instead, to go wherever imaginative foresight primed by creative study might take me. In the fall I lead workshops nearby in the watershed of the Doan Brook gorge. There is a gallery on this website devoted to this interesting natural preserve.

I regard myself as an evolving impressionist, interested in rendering mood first, then image fidelity. I care little for sharp focus, and more about rendering something not yet seen. The camera is an input tool to the image-making process, and therefore just a part of the image-rendering process. This process begins before the camera, with studying imagery and thereby priming the imagination. This makes us capable of conceiving of images, even images not seen or made. Ultimately, the photographer who wishes to put work in front of viewers must be just as adept at the final stages as at priming the imagination and using the camera. Finishing images well, whether for a gallery presentation or a website, requires some expertise in digital editing. Almost always, the camera does not see what the photographer sees, and the editing stage can narrow that incongruity

My bag often has glass from 14-500mm, a macro lens, a speedlight, a wireless trigger, some filters, and a cloth diaper. I shoot all types of subjects, whatever interests me, including food, floral, fashion, portraiture, mother-daughter relationships, nudes, and landscape.

contact me by cell at two-one-six.337.3446

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