Crystal & The Wig

We did a fashion shoot in the studio at Exceptional Light, with the beautiful Crystal modeling for us. I’ve seen Crystal going to work in our building, and every time I noticed her I thought […]

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The Lion King Comes to Tri-C

Tri-C Summer Performing Arts Camp put on the play The Lion King this past weekend at Tri-C West.          

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Moshuro Photographed

The local band Moshuro came to the studio for help with a photo idea. They wanted to be shot from above, each member set amid his instruments.   So I froze the camera on a […]

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Head-Shot: Mici

Well, I once said I didn’t do head shots, and as a rule I prefer not to. But really nice people with whom I’ve worked in the past have come with just that request. And […]

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Doan Brook Photo Hike 2017

The hike this fall is on October 21. Follow this link to learn about the hike and to register with the Doan Brook Watershed Partnership. And sign up for the review afterward, on Tuesday night.

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Engagement of Echo & Nick

I’ve known Echo since she was in elementary school. She was and is such an interesting person, formed of an unusual mixture of race and culture, including native American, and incredibly beautiful as a result. […]

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Exhibition: PhotoNow 2017

I’m excited to be a part of the regional Photo Now 2017 Exhibition, put on by the Artists Archives of the Western Reserve. It will be held at Tri-C East in the Gallery East exhibition […]

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Head-shot: Ozden

As a rule, I don’t do head shots.  But rules are made to be broken, and especially for the benefit of friends.  That’s why I answered yes when my good friend Ellen contacted me with […]

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Portrait: Tatianna

I walk over to the Starbucks nearby work almost every day for a decent cup of joe. The trip partly satisfies my caffeine addiction, and partly is a way to stretch my legs after sitting […]

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Portrait: Alaina

I’ve been searching for makeup artists with whom I can form lasting relationships. As a result, I can recommend Davi of Make Me Up Davi, and I can recommend Gabriel Frank, both of whom have […]

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