The Presence of Dreams

The Presence Of Dreams (For Amy and Diana) all thirteen of us (plus cat and dog) cluster in kitchen center kneeing its block table like knockabout spirits to a meditation lured by the promise of Kūčios as familiar as Old Prussian that opens with an ice-breaker pairing everyone as copartners face to episodic face to […]

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Bird in April Pear Tree

Bird In April Pear Tree In the languorous afternoon of the desuetude of love, I cool in the shadowed fluttering of an orchard of pear trees glimmering in full bloom with the countless white flowering of limbs galvanized by love. A receding light warms the petals everywhere burst into calling cards to the next generation.

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An Atrophy of Scooters

An Atrophy of Scooters Ready to bound off to anywhere, The leopard-like electric scooters, All herded to the corners, Wait like the Venus fly trap For you to stroke their app. Among them the charged Rear on hind quarters, imitating louche kangaroos, Wanton green eyes Beckoning from handlebars in dinner dark. The used flop on

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The Riptide

The Riptide The riptide pulls people out to sea. It stretches invisible like a glass canvas under the surface of the ocean between shores lost between loves no shore that begins nor shore that ends, carried fast adrift in the way that shadows slanting across the land explain the lives of birds. The water moves

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Untitled President

Untitled President After putting on his orange shorts and blue shirt painted with clouds, so he looked like the sunrise upside down, the president walked the public street in a kind of an affair of the heart, more alive because during this walk nobody recognized him, and the police had cordoned it all off with

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