A Theory of Moments

A Theory of Moments In the way that The struggle for a remembrance Is strong enough To exclude other remembrance Last summer’s dalliance by the lake Under evening’s ombré sky Drawing its dark hood Over lawns tossing squirrels And pullulating fireflies Released the confabulated throating Of his anima in bassoon notes To squirm in the

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The Marketplace of Puerto Belen

The Marketplace of Puerto Belen For the marketplace of Puerto Belen, a sprawling bamboo bazar with the planning of a Jenga tumble lined with tented shacks slapping in breezy sailcloth as a kind of asylum from the sun, the signs of trouble drop from the sky daily in committees of black vultures perched in unaquitable

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A Picture of Doan Brook

A Picture of Doan Brook Out of winter sleep I scout the brook, too early by weeks to photograph green, camera still dangling hopefully from my shoulder. Halfway down in the gorge April muckers clay, bends to groundwork that rises up with May, curls husks of burdock in the laps of ironweed snarled by stage

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Stages I: Childhood In evening’s lilac haze, With the day fading Like a blue kite shunted Down westerly streets Towards shapeless night, The child turns from sleep To hear the southing geese Stab the darkness with cries, Awakening the need to be identified. II: Youth Morning sunlight pours heat Like a tantric blanket Across an

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