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Crystal & The Wig

We did a fashion shoot in the studio at Exceptional Light, with the beautiful Crystal modeling for us. I’ve seen Crystal going to work in our building, and every time I noticed her I thought […]

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Studio Shoot With Lorelei

Can’t wait to have this girl in the studio. Going to have so much fun.

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Fashion Shoot With Crystal

Studio Fashion Photography Shoot Going to be bringing in makeup and hair and Crystal is going to dress up from 60s era.

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Moshuro Photographed

The local band Moshuro came to the studio for help with a photo idea. They wanted to be shot from above, each member set amid his instruments.   So I froze the camera on a […]

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Head-Shot: Mici

Well, I once said I didn’t do head shots, and as a rule I prefer not to. But really nice people with whom I’ve worked in the past have come with just that request. And […]

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Shoot with Gabriel Frank

Additional TFP studio work with Gabby.

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Head-shot: Ozden

As a rule, I don’t do head shots.  But rules are made to be broken, and especially for the benefit of friends.  That’s why I answered yes when my good friend Ellen contacted me with […]

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Portrait: Tatianna

I walk over to the Starbucks nearby work almost every day for a decent cup of joe. The trip partly satisfies my caffeine addiction, and partly is a way to stretch my legs after sitting […]

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Portrait: Alaina

I’ve been searching for makeup artists with whom I can form lasting relationships. As a result, I can recommend Davi of Make Me Up Davi, and I can recommend Gabriel Frank, both of whom have […]

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Portrait: Nina

My first experience shooting Nina was years ago when, as a freshman, she was first violin in the Cleveland Heights High School orchestra – a high school orchestra of some repute. She was playing alongside […]

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